A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Radio Run is a platformer where you use limited strength hovering in order to  chase after the fading radio signal of a crashed alien ship. 

Play as Charlie racing against the clock with their robotic friend L.I.M.A. trying to beat each procedurally generated level with in a limited amount of time. 

Leaderboards for each seed allow players to compete and compare their times.

The current demo goes through the first of several environments that will be released with the final game. 


  • Z - Jump/Menu Select
  • Z Mid-Air - Hover
  • X - Menu Back
  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Controller Support Included


Install instructions

Player "Radio Run.exe" within the zipped files. 


Radio Run Demo - Linux.zip 34 MB
Radio Run Demo - Mac.app.zip 34 MB
Radio Run Demo - Windows.zip 58 MB

Development log


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Fluid animations, excellent music and smooth controls. I'm loving this game.